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Jgab12? what is it? Monkeys? It does not matter on this site you will find a bang of garbage, that which our society discards and I pick not to waste it. We live in an empty company, the image has replaced the content, The cool has the priority on profit. The minimalist philosophy, which previously was exposed (in a minimal) on this portal, He attempted to bring the content in the first row, then ending up being misunderstood and transformed into a’ other fashion line from the usual commercial logic. And there's more, a road is a road we should be, we must seek together. #ourtimeiscoming #ifustopudie # notime4school.

This site contains art. Art lost art to love, not to make cash (see Spitty).So click on the banners thanks. But tell me what you see when you look in uocchi eh

New Collection section short video mixes jgab12 from instagram http://jgab12.org/live-mix-instagram/


Example Jgab12 Jgab music Artist unknown happy just being taken over by an idiot on the street


A Malavida tell me why this looking vera

Thank you

A look a smile can allietarti the day


It was raining

E solomun dice

After rain comes sun

Solomun is master of minimal house

Violet is a beautiful instrument

Avoid arrogance that makes us get on the prestigious post and point the finger at the people who did wrong.

Do not feel superior to others because they are not. You can get the same levels of the teacher but nn over, through the pain and the 'love, put up the crosses, If you see only flaws

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Love is surrender

Love is madness

Love is love you but you're not mine

It is not love

The man is good because he is happy, not because he forced to be so by the moral and discipline. Find yourself and happy returns ! See you soon !

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